What is Lightning Retardant Cable

Lightning Retardant Cable is a tested and proven technology designed to keep lightning off of wires and cables.

Developed with the assistance of NASA-STAC, this patented product should offer an entirely new dimension of protection to your customers.

Lightning Retardant Cable is a method whereby a unique spiral covering is applied to the outside of existing wire and cables to establish a field and provide a skin effect to the lightning strike, thus keeping its destructive energy outside of your wires. A second conductor is applied in the opposite direction thus establishing an opposite field. The two cancel out.

Due to the fact that we start with an existing wire or cable, almost all connectors and fittings will work.

Patented outer covering is
applied to existing cable

Lightning protection in general consists of either surge protectors, ground rods, or grounding techniques. We took a different direction. Our goal was to develop a product that would help dissipate a lightning discharge before it entered the home or business. -A new first line of defense!

Lightning Retardant Cable was designed as a product that would compliment surge protection and grounding techniques - not compete with or replace them.

Lightning Retardant Cable works on the outside of the home. Surge Protection works on the inside of the home. So, Lightning Retardant Cable, used along with surge protectors and proper grounding techniques will give a complete solution for total lightning protection.