Laboratory Testing Results (summary)
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Tests Conducted on original "Version 1" LRC

A series of tests were performed at Lightning Technologies Inc. for Inventor, Samuel N. Gasque, Jr. to determine what degree of improvement might be offered to satellite receiving systems by using a new Lightning Retardant Cable, as compared with the industry standard ribbon cable.

Low current tests (120 amperes peak) were performed to explore how the cables responded to surge voltages and to determine the improvement offered by the Lightning Retardant Cable (LRC).
LRC Standard Design
In round numbers, there was an improvement over the standard ribbon cable of about 195% for the coaxial.cable and 370% for the control conductors. The exact improvement depends on the particular conductor under discussion, but these numbers are reasonable averages.
LRC Plus Design
Compared to the standard ribbon cable, the improvement was about 700% for the RF coaxial cable and 1500% for the control wires. Again the exact improvement would depend on which particular wire was under discussion and upon the wave shape of the surge current.

High current tests were done for three reasons; To confirm the conclusions reached during the low current testing, to determine if there were any non-linear effects of current, and to determine if the cables could carry high currents without physical damage.
LRC Standard Design
The improvement depends on the wave shape, but for the unidirectional current was about 350 %, for both the RF coaxial cable and for the control wires. The absolute magnitude of voltage was of course larger on the control wires.
LRC Plus Design
The improvement over the standard ribbon cable ranged from 780% for the RF coaxial cable, to 1480% for one of the control wires.

      After reviewing the tests made by Lightning Technologies, Inc. on our LRC cable, an engineering change was made so that all LRC cable is now manufactured in compliance with the LRC Plus design for maximum effectiveness.

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